Eldorado Z-Axis Climbing Foot

Construction / Materials:

  • Foot: High performance, light-weight core and reinforced keel system encased in matrix of high strength polymers. Titanium pyramid adapter installed with hardware to mfg. specifications. Foot pre-installed in shoe.
  • Shoe: Tough, high strength, abrasion resistant materials. High traction "sticky rubber" sole, toe and heel, typical of high performance rock climbing footwear.
  • Application: Unilateral and bilateral trans-tibial and certain transfemoral climbers. Suggested climber weight: 200 pounds (91 kg.) (max.).

L Code:

  • TBD


  • Revolutionary, compact design (no right or left).
  • Designed with the invaluable input of Malcolm Daly (pictured left), Paradox Sports® and EvolveSports®.
  • Superior control, loading, leverage and proprioception.
  • High strength keel for stability and control.
  • Compliant polymer foot matrix provides "feel" under load.
  • Complete with rugged, custom Evolve Sports® TRAX-XT5 sticky, climbing shoe rubber.
  • Includes certificate for EVOLVE®, matching, climbing shoe (uni-laterals only).
  • Eldorado Z-Axis comes complete with titanium pyramid adapter and appropriate hardware pre-installed to manufacturer's specifications. Simply attach to any lower extremity, endo-skeletal prosthesis designed to receive a standard pyramid adapter.


7.25 in. (18.4 cm.)
2.8 in. (7.1 cm.)
3.75 in. (9.5 cm.)
4.5 in. (11.4 cm.)
25 oz. (709 gm.)
Foot Color:
TRS tan
Shoe Color:
Combination of Blue / Black / Grey / White.
Shoe Style:
Evolve® TRAX-XT5 (Laced), High traction toe, sole and heel.

* w/o Pyramid Adapter
** w/ Pyramid Adapter

Designer Malcolm Daly's Comment

The Eldorado Z-axis prosthetic climbing foot system is the result of five years of experimentation with different shapes, sizes and materials to make a high performance climbing foot. notable features are:

  • Short overall length reduces rotational movement: less than 6". This is because many suspension systems for lower limb amputees allow almost 30° of rotation when the limb isn't weighted. This is a problem for climbers because when they step up high onto a hold the prosthetic will tend to twist off before they are able to fully weight the foot. The short length minimizes this tendency to rotate by reducing the length of the lever arm.
  • Urethane technology optimizes edging and smearing: they best way we found to enable the foot to be both rigid enough to edge on a dime and to smear was to make the foot rigid but give it some compliance by using a soft material. the foot is constructed of a pliable urethane with a rigid core and a stiff fiberglass keel. The foot does not flex but the "give" of the urethane in combination with the flex in the shoe provides high performance control for both smearing and edging.
  • Symmetrical round toe profile: in addition to being useable for right or left side the round profile allows good footwork at any angle.
  • High arch for high stepping: without the ability to point your toe it is very difficult to place your toe accurately when stepping up high onto a hold. the exaggerated arch allows the climber to "hook" her foot over a high edge and then roll up on to it.
  • Evolve shoe: Evolve Sports has partnered up with us to make a shoe optimized for the Z-Axis foot. Using the ultra-sticky and durable trax rubber the shoe is designed to be a "mate" to the Quest, model shoe. The eva mid-sole cushions hard step-downs and descents.

Please refer to the PDF files available below for complete technical information on all the models available.

Eldorado Z-Axis Technical Information (PDF Format)