Eagle Golf TD


Overall Length:
6.25 in. (15.9 cm)
Grip Channel Length;
4.75 in. (12 cm)
1.5 in. (3.8 cm)
3.5 in. (8.9 cm)
6.0 oz. (170 gm)
Stealth Black
Polyurethane & stainless steel


  • One piece, light-weight, high strength, polyurethane construction.
  • Stores energy on backswing improving power.
  • Flexible grip channel adapts to a wide variety of grip styles, tapers and sizes.
  • Slips easily over shaft and pulls up to secure on club grip.


  • Right or left hand uni-lateral absence BUT LEADING HAND ONLY!
  • Requires minimal second hand assistance to engage Eagle to club grip.

The TRS EAGLE, introduced in 2009 is another example of our continued research and development efforts to create all synthetic, energy storing sports and recreational prostheses that duplicate human biomechanics and achieve or surpass human performance.

The EAGLE stores energy on the backswing that helps improve club head speed at the bottom of the downswing resulting in improved power and driving distance.

The Amputee Golf Grip and Golf Pro

* Direct Purchase Available *

Designed by amputees wanting to be competitive in golf.

The Amputee Golf Grip is designed for persons missing either their left or right hand and requires gripping action from the remaining hand. Ideally the device should be used to replace the leading hand (left hand for right handed swing/ right hand for left handed swing) otherwise a cross-handed grip is required. It can be positioned anywhere on the club grip and uses the "sound" hand's gripping pressure to "lock" the device in place, preventing slippage and improving control.

The Golf Pro was primarily designed for persons missing their right hand who swing right handed or persons missing their left hand who swing left handed. The flexible coupling is specifically designed to improve bio-mechanical action in this swing scenario. The device slips over the shaft of the club and then "jams" in place on the grip when pulled up. The "sound" hand grasps the club normally. Plastic sizing rings can be enlarged to custom fit the user's clubs. Uniform grip sizes on the clubs are recommended.

Both feature a unique, strong, flexible coupling, which duplicates the wrist action required for a smooth, controlled swing. The Amputee Golf Grip and Golf Pro are the only commercially manufactured golf devices available for person missing a hand(s). They are functional and reliable and will allow you to improve your drive distances and game in general. They enable you to be a two-handed golfer!

Please refer to the PDF files available below for complete technical information on all the models available.

Golf Grip Technical Information (PDF Format)

Golf Pro Technical Information (PDF Format)

Demonstration Videos

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