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Debra_LatourUpper Extremity Prosthetic Education and Training Services and Consultation

TRS has established a consulting relationship with Debra Latour (Single Hand Solutions) to help consumers with a hand absence develop and receive sound and successful prosthetic education and training with our technologies.

It is important to consult with an Occupational Therapist with specific, professional experience in upper extremity prosthetic technologies. Only a select number of Occupational Therapists in the entire USA have acquired these skills and expertise. Debra Latour is one such OTR. She was born with a congenital hand absence and has used prostheses her entire life. She has experience in a wide range of technologies and was employed as an occupational therapist with Shriners Hospitals for Children for 14 years working directly with children with hand absence. She is licensed in multiple states but has professional connections to refer you to other OTR’s throughout the USA and Canada that have professional, prosthetic education experience.

Learning to perform well with Voluntary Closing prosthetic technology is not difficult but has certain important nuances not only with regard to training but in proper harnessing and cabling to ensure efficient and successful function.

Consulting with an Occupational Therapy practitioner can be a valuable investment in your rehabilitation and many insurance programs will cover these expenses. Prosthetic education can accelerate and improve the success of your recovery and re-entry to a fulfilling lifestyle that can include re-establishing your vocation, as well as your personal pursuits in life time sports and recreation.

Please review Deb’s resume and contact TRS or Deb directly to learn more about the importance of upper extremity prosthetic education.

Here is the link for the upper limb prosthetic rehab course through

Here is the link for the MedBridge courses on one-handed strategies:

• Click here to download the pdf document – Consumer Support Resources

• Click here to download the pdf document – Finding a Prosthetist Tip Sheet

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