Reinforcing the Pro Cuff

Reinforcing the Pro Cuff

January 23, 2017
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Reinforcing the ProCuff Externally for extra durability and strength!

Attaching external carbon fiber sheeting to reinforce the ProCuff

Finished pictures of modified ProCuffs are below.

Prosthetists sharing! Practitioner Tips!

TRS provides one piece of thin, carbon fiber sheet for internal reinforcing with the ProCuff product. Additional thermo-moldable carbon sheeting will be required to create outside shielding/reinforcing.
First heat the ProCuff (Only) to 130 degrees F for ten or so minutes, then fit to the patient.. (Never exceed 150 degrees F heating the ProCuff or damage to material will occur.)

Then take a thin, pre-cut section of laminated sheet of carbon and place in a heated oven at 350 degrees for approximately 60-90 seconds… then fit-mold around the cuff.

After the carbon plate cools off round (buff) and smooth all the edges of the carbon plates so that they are wearer friendly.

The molded carbon sheeting can then be attached to the ProCuff using TRS mounting brackets and or with additional rivets-fasteners.

Photos a-f by B. Goodwin CPO Photos g & h by K. Capritto CPO

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